2steves – Spark 40 – Bright Spark Mod


So we all love the Positive Grid Spark 40, as a modelling amp it already does a lot but many users have identified issues around its perceived quality of sound and lack of input and output options so we have developed the ultimate Spark Amp Mod; The new Spark 40 x 2 x 8 is a new cabinet designed to accept the standard Spark components without modification but allows you to run a pair of 8 inch drivers in an open or closed back configuration. While we are at it we have added provision to internally mount the power supply and positions for extra ports using standard Penn Elcom pressed dish panels for all the I/O you want.

The cabinet also has two slots for the TalentCell lithium ion Battery Pack NB7102!

The cabinet is supplied flat packed and is CNC machined from 18mm birch ply. Home assemble is a simple glue and screw operation with all pilot holes already drilled and rebates machined to all the parts to ensure everything goes together square and in the right place.

Read more about the Bright Spark Mod here.


Read more about the Bright Spark Mod here.


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